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Welcome to the home of Swindon Swingers Club. Located In Swindon town centre within a two minute from the bus & train station making it easy to attend by all. Locally we have a wide variety of hotels and car parking.

Swindon is very easy to get to from all over Wiltshire and the south-west.
We have a custom built club to cater for every single need you may want, to meet as a social get together with other like minded couples / swingers, from beginners and novices to the more experienced – There is something here for everyone. 

We boast an amazing cinema with plush seating, and abundance of play rooms, all fully equipped for your enjoyment. Our club is decked out to an extremely high standard. We have the facilities to explore and venture into a more intimate moment with others should you wish to, this is a NO pressure club where NO means no.

Please remember only do what you feel comfortable with, you are never obliged to do anything you’re not completely comfortable doing. We would love to welcome you into our club even if it’s just for a chill out time to enjoy our surroundings. 

Membership at Swindon Swingers is free. You will only need ID if you look under 25.
With the bonus of a fully licensed bar & private roof terrace for the smokers.