KINKY is now a monthly event (With the exception of August)

December 9th

October 14th 21:00-02:00




£15pp Everyone who is a Swindon Swingers VIP & who RVSP with us via email & on FETLIFE.

£20pp Non RSVP/VIPS

This is Not WICKED or REMIX. Please read the rules below.

We are expecting a lot of people so please…


  1. Please leave your personal disputes outside and respect other members of the club at all times.
  2. If you have any problems please ensure these are dealt with immediately- Staff can easily be identified and can be found on the front desk or in the Bar.
  3. Do not interfere with other people’s scene. It will not be tolerated. Don’t touch personal property without permission.
  4. No Drugs. You will be asked to leave without exception, no refund given. No excessive alcohol.
  5. No cameras are allowed.
  6. Food and drink is to be consumed in the social area only.
  7. There is a private smoking area accessed from the top floor of the club on the roof terrace.
  8. If you wish to change on arrival please use the changing area provided.
  9. Try to keep socialising to the lounges thereby leaving the playrooms free for play.
  10. Use of equipment is entirely at your own risk. The venue owners do not accept any responsibility.
  11. If you are waiting for the use of equipment, please, keep the noise levels down to a minimum.
  12. Please clean equipment after use. Cleaning materials are provided, there is no excuse for not doing this.
  13. No moving equipment without permission.
  14. No penetrative sex is permitted.
  15. No scat or water sports.
  16. Ultra Violence is not permitted at this event in any area.
  17. Consent Consent Consent
  18. Event safe word is Red.
  19. If a private rooms door is closed please do not disturb other players. What happens in Private Rooms stays in Private Rooms…
  20. When you have finished play, please ensure you leave the room clean and tidy, that equipment has been cleaned and that the door is open to indicate the room is vacant.
  21. Please follow the dress code rules for each event or entry may be denied.

Staff and DMs are always on hand to give advice; however, they do have the last word and any unacceptable behaviour may result in you being asked to leave the premises.