In response to government advice on the mass gathering and social distancing of people;

It is with regret that we have decided to temporarily suspend our REMIX events.

Whilst we understand the implications to those that may have booked hotels etc. please know that we have not taken this decision lightly,

We must all do our part as a community to reduce the risks to others.

We will post further updates as the situation progresses, and look forward to seeing you all again soon!

We’re sure when REMIX returns, we’ll bring it back with a bang!

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support, and wish you all well whilst the country endures this terrible time.

PLEASE READ the whole page or you may not be able to attend


January 18th REMIX 92/100

February 15th REMIX 100/100 FULL HOUSE !

March 21st CANCELLED  

April 18th (Easter Bunnies Special) REMIX

May 16th REMIX

June 20th REMIX

July 18th REMIX

August 15th REMIX

September 19th REMIX

October 17th REMIX

November 21st REMIX

December 12th REMIX Christmas Party

Entry Prices…
One person – Male Or Female = £25
Two people – Male & Female = £30
Four People – M+F + M+F = £30 >OR< M+M + F+F = £30

Doors open at 21:30 – Last entry is 23:00.
Remember we only allow 100 in so the bulk always arrives in the first hour.

NEWSLETTER SIGN UP – HERE. Over 1,500 already have !


REMIX. What is it ? It’s definitely not a “Traditional Swingers Event” and to criticise it as one is unfair as we don’t claim to be.

Remix is different.


Remix is an event held on some Saturday nights (see dates above) 9:30 – 03:00. This special event is for Gay – Straight – Bi-Sexual’s, Whatever your into or curious about this event will be the event for you to experience and admire or simply socialise. There’s no limits on who can attend male or female – Couples or singles. Nor will it ever matter what percentage of who attends, this event is open to all sexes and sexualities.


Things to keep in mind is that we are all adults and we will respect each and everyone else’s sexual preferences. Also please respect that no means NO. That means if someone doesn’t like being followed then please look/socialise elsewhere. Likewise if someone is annoying you then tell us straight away. There’s not a lot we can do after the event when you post these things online. Anyone who breaks these rule will be asked to leave.

IMPORTANT – Please remember what event this is. There maybe more men but not all of them are here for the ladies as some of them are gay.


Our drinks are very reasonably priced and we always have a good turn out with people. Compare it to how much you may spend on a club night out. Even if you treat it a social night out its very reasonable. Remember we do not make you join or sign up.


You can have 100 people and they click. You can have 100 people and they don’t click. You can have a quiet night and there’s action everywhere. You can have a quiet night and there’s very little going on.

We can only provide the set. The script is down to you.

However if you do feel there is something we could do the improve things then please talk to us or email us. The problem we find is one person wants louder music and another wants chilled out music. So it’s finding the right balance. So if you do suggest something and we don’t do it we are just looking at the overall consensus.

IS IT BUSY . . .

We allow up to 100 in (sometimes going slightly over depending on who it is) on average we are always close to 100. YES we could fit over 200 in however we’ve been here now for 8 years and learned that sometimes you can have too many people and everyone just walks around treating it like a meat market then people don’t feel comfortable relaxing and playing. We have genuinely found over the years that the nights when there’s around 70/80 a lot more goes on. Remember we have to clean up so we see first hand what’s been going on…More people does not mean more fun !


No phones/Recording equipment is allowed past the locker room. You may keep your phone on you as long as it is turned off. We appreciate some of you have children and need to check your phones. but if we catch or get told of anyone with there phones out recording in PRIVATE areas where people are being intimate. You will be banned from the venue for life.


It’s probably easier and a lot more productive if you tell us straight away if there’s any issue so that it gives us a fair chance to deal with it. There isn’t much we can do days/weeks after when its posted online.

Guys please think about what you wear.

What not to wear…

No Shorts
No Trainers
No joggers
No novelty t-shirts
No cartoon t-shirts
No sports wear
No sandles

No headwear. Caps/Bandannas etc.

What you should wear…

Smart / Casual

Polo’s shirts
Shirt ( Not loud Hawaii lol )
Plain t-Shirt
Smart clean (non ripped) jeans
Shoes only !

A nice shower, splash of aftershave and a brush of your hair/teeth and wear a big smile , )

We will not allow anyone to enter who we feel has not made any effort.

We have seen that the Ladies have always been fine with what they wear so for now we dont feel the need to implement dresscodes.